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Discover, taste and experience Poland in our luxuriously furnished houses in the picturesque Lubrza in western Poland.

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Lubrza, called the region of free breathing and calming down, is an ideal place to rest. This tourist-friendly village has a few shops and a pharmacy for the necessary items. We cordially invite you to spend your free time in this beautiful area.

To meet the expectations of customers, we offer a comfortable holiday in high-class holiday homes. The high-class is confirmed by the well known quality certificate 'Srebny Lubtur' awarded by the Association: Land of Tourist Routes and LGD "Działaj z Nami".

This cozy cottages offer place to sleep for 6-8 persons throughout the year (pets are also allowed). Our guests can completely independent prepare their meals thanks to the complete equipped kitchen, with gas cooker, refrigerator, dishes, coffee maker, electric kettle. When the evening gets colder the fireplace, which is situated in most of the homes provides a warm atmosphere.

In order to ensure the safety of the youngest, we provide our guests with a playground on the premises. On the premises you 'll find a lighted parking lot which can be locked. Every house has its own brick barbecue.

About 250 meters from our holiday resort, is the start of a canoing track. In Lubrza, there are perfect conditions for sports, ranging from the increasingly popular Nordic walking (numerous forests and walking and cycling routes), and ending with volleyball, which you can play on the pitch at our facility.

Tourist attractions that are available the year-round consists, amongst others, of a hike through the beautiful forests surrounding the three magnificent lakes, as well as the opportunity to visit the Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony (MRU). In the winter there are sleigh rides organized for both children and adults.

If necessary, we provide a place for pitching tents.


  After a day of full winter relax, you can enjoy a warming tea with rum
or mulled wine in nearby bars.  

Our premises are suitable for organizing:

  • hen parties, 
  • stag parties,  
  • integration events,  
  • name day, birthday  
  • etc.

Local events:

  • Festiwal Piosenki Żołnierskiej (Festival of soldiers songs), in May
  • Zlot Pojazdów Militarnych, Boryszyn, (Parade of military vehicles, Boryszyn), in June
  • Zawody drwali, Niedźwiedź (Lumberjacks competition, Niedźwiedź), in June - July
  • Lubuskie Lato Filmowe, Łagów (Lubuskie Film Summer, Łagów), in June - July
  • Noc Nenufarów, Lubrza, (Night of the water lilies, Lubrza), in July
  • Zlot motocyklowy, Łagów (Motorbike parade, Łagów), in July
  • Muzyka w Raju, Gościkowo (Music in Paradise, Goscikowo), in August


Holiday homes - photo gallery

We cordially invite you to visit our 5 comfortable holiday homes, situated in a quiet and peaceful area. The objects are fully furnished. The holiday homes have a sitting area, downstairs with sleeping possibilities for 2 or 3 people, kitchen and sanitary facilities: a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a washbasin with mirror and a toilet. In addition, the holiday homes have a fireplace and television.

Annlamm resort

Interior of holiday homes

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Holiday homes - ANNLAMM - tel.: +48 515773929‬

In the case of stays longer than a week and a number of guests of more than 6 people, we apply appropriate price discounts.
For more information you can call or write us.

An area full of impressions. See what is worth visiting.

Holiday homes - ANNLAMM - tel.: +48 515773929‬

Tourist attractions

Familiarize yourself with the highest rated attractions of our region and nearby various forms of spending free time.

Noc Nenufarów
Lubrza, (July)

Noc Nenurafów – this is the biggest event of the community of Lubrza, held in Lubrza. From the beginning in 1997, Noc Nenufarów is held every year on the third Saturday of July. The name Noc Nenufarów is coming from the white lilies commonly known as “Nenufar”, who are massively blooming on the nearby lakes Goszcz and Lubie

(source: wikipedia)


Canoing (Martinez) - The touristic sector becomes more and more important in Lubrza, for example the canoe route on the Rakowiec River, in 2008 recognized as the seventh wonder of the Lubuskie province in the Gazeta Lubuskie.

(source: Wikipedia)

"The picturesque rivers of the Lubusz Lake District encourage you to experience an unusual adventure."

Sport shooting range

Sport shooting range - “Anyone can shoot! Real weapons, sharp ammunition, unlimited shooting under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors.”

Lubrza (nearby forests)

Mushrooming in Lubrza - Our forests are full of all kinds of (eatable) mushrooms. In each province you can find several of these places. So before you go mushrooming it is worth thinking about our region to spent your free time to do so.

Statue of Jesus Christ

Statue of Jesus Christ - The statue of Jesus Christ in Świebodzin is currently the highest sculpture of Jesus Christ in the world. In June 2011 arose in Lima, Peru a similar 37-meter figure of Christ of the Pacific (22 m thereof is formed by the statue and 15 m by the base of the monument). The statue itself is still the highest in the world.

(source: wikipedia)

Waterfall At Night

Waterfall at night - A free, vertical fall of river water, caused by the existence of a clear threshold in the riverbed, will delight with its beauty all tourists.

Kalinowe golf course

Kalinowe golf course is a golf course type "parkland" designed to challenge advanced golfers, while being gentle and interesting for beginners. The course is situated 12 kilometers away from Świebodzin. The course is established on 75 hectares of ground and attracks golf enthusiasts not only with its beauty and a friendly atmosphere, but also with an attractive price.

Park Linowy
Łagów Lubuskie

Park Linowy is a great way to celebrate a group party. Children together overcome obstacles and learn about their own boundaries. Climbing has a positive effect on well-being and causes a wide smile on the face. Physical exercise in the air is a great form of recreation for children. ..."


lubrza2Tourist village Located along the lakes of Goszcz, Lubie and Lubrza, close to numerous objects of the southern section of the MRU, known as the Pętla Boryszyńska. The Rakownik River flows through the village. Lubrza was first mentioned in the year 1249. The town had municipal rights from 1319 to the 17th century and from 1857-1945.

Two kilometers south there is the Pniewski Ług nature reserve, where protected species of plants can be found, including: round-leaved sundew, peat bog and white bead. Near the reserve, there is a natural monument called Krzeczkowskie Bagno, which was created to protect the springs with a mid-forest raised bog. The surroundings of the village are covered with pine forests.

Since over 20 years on the third Saturday of July there is an outdoor performance "Noc Nenufarów" that takes place in the scenery of the Goszcz lake. The performance tells the story of the love of Sławoj and the beautiful Lubrzana enchanted in the water lily flower.

The performances of music artists and dance groups, fashion shows, competitions for children and youth, and the elections of miss "Noc Nenufarów" attract both local residents and tourists resting in the area. The highlight is of course the staging of the fairy tale, which begins after nightfall. "Noc Nenufarów" already gained national fame and is one of the tourist attractions of the Lubuskie province. As you can see, this town village stands out from the other in the Lake District of Lubuskie with a large offer of relaxation as well as a wide range of tourist attractions.

Places worth visiting:

  • the former Evangelical church, now a Roman Catholic parish church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, from 1848, in the mid-nineteenth century, being a neo-Romanesque masonry building, with one nave, semi-circular apse from the west and a slender tower from the east;
  • the church is the seat of the local parish of St. John the Baptist. The only monument in the village;
  • the city mill - a building dating back to the tradition of medieval times, now serving as a recording studio, but during the renovation details of its past have been preserved;
  • a medieval stronghold, with relics of a knight's tower - located behind the buildings at Zamkowa Street. This object is currently not exposed, overgrown with trees;
  • monument with a PT-76 - central on the Wdzięczności Square, on a concrete pedestal a self propelled SU-76 was standing until the 1990's, this was donated by the municipal authorities to the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw. Initially, the monument was replaced with 76 caliber cannons, but it was soon replaced by a light floating tank PT-76, standing on the pedestal to this day;
  • the Miedzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony, is a system of fortifications built by the Germans in 1933-1945, is located near the village.

Tourist routes:

The PTTK tourist trail passes through the village and three trails created by the municipal authorities:

  • Walking trail from Nietkowice to Boryszyn, total length 50 km. The trail runs through most of the Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony objects, from Odra to Boryszyn.
  • Foot-bike trail ‘Nenufarów’ - total length 8 km (Lubrza, Lubie lake, Nowa Wioska, Goszcza lake). The trail was laid out on the site of a former forest road around Lubie lake and Goszcza lake. The route is marked and paved.
  • Lubrzański Canoe Trail - length approx. 15 km, easy level, the route leads through the Paklica River, the fortress 708 in Lubrza, Lubrza lake, Paklicko Wielkie, Rudny lake, ending at the monastery walls in Paradyż.
  • The Beaver Trail is located about 1.5 km from the village near the road to Staropole, here you'll find beaver lodges and treas beheaded by beavers, with information boards on the trail and a system of footbridges leading you through the wet areas.
  • Lubrzański MRU Fortification Route - through Lubrza you’ll find the southern part of the route. Two objects, Jaz 709 and Pz. W.694 can be seen.

In the village there is a tourist information point, located in the communal library.

(source: wikipedia)

Kosciol w BoryszynieThe village is located in the province Lubuskie, Świebodzin County, in the commune of Lubrza. In the area of the village every year on the second Friday and Saturday of May Zlot Miłośników Fortyfikacji is organized by the municipality of Lubrza, this event attracts around 20,000 guests. During the event, amongst others, a contest for rock bands is organized, where Marek Sierocki was part of the jury back in 2008.

Places worth visiting:

  • the wooden former evangelical church from 1648, now a Roman Catholic church dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; it is a construction with a log construction, where in 1690 a tower was added;
  • wooden house - cottage nr. 39, from 1703;
  • objects of the Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony district, from 1934-1945, dec.  Międzyrzecz, Central Episode MRU: combat shelter PzW No. 778

Zamek Joannitow w LagowieŁagów (Łagów Lubuskie, in German: Lagow) – Łagów is a village in Poland located in the province of Lubuskie, county Świebodzin, municipality of Łagów, it is situated north of the E30 road, in the Łagowski Landscape Park. The village is the seat of the commune. In the years 1975-1998, the village belonged administratively to the province of Zielona Góra. Łagów is a tourist village; the village had city rights in the years 1808-1932. Located on the lakes of the Łagówskie Lake District: Trześniowskie (186 ha, depth 58.8 m) and Łagowskie (82 ha.). As a tourist and leisure center, Łagów is called the pearl of Lubuskie. The oldest part of the village is located on the isthmus between the above-mentioned lakes. In Łagów you’ll find a Joannit castle.

Places worth visiting:

  • urban and landscape complex;
  • parish church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, from 1876;
  • castle complex with defensive walls, from the 14th century, the Joannit castle was founded on a square plan with a corner tower with a height of 35 m. Inside you'll find, amongst others, a Gothic hall with a vaulted sealing supported by one pillar and a room with a baroque fireplace from around 1740. This object is currently a hotel.
  • The Marchijska Gate, also known as the German or Berlin Gate, was a half-timbered stone construction, dating back to the 16th and 18th centuries. It was the second defense gate of Łagów. The lower part consists of bricks, the upper part is half-timbered.
  • The Polish Gate, also known as the Poznan Gate, was a brick-half-timbered gate, it was one of the defensive gates of Łagów in the 15th and 16th century.
  • house, ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 13, from the 18th century;
  • house, ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 41, half-timbered house from the 18th century / 19th century;
  • house with a utility part, ul. Kościuszki 9, from the 18th century;
  • villa „Zameczek”, ul. Sulęcińska 11, from the beginning of the 20th century, and the years 1960-1970;
  • house, ul. Zamkowa 4, from the 18th century.


Swiebodzin ratusz 0Świebodzin (in German: Schwiebus) – Świebodzin is a city in the province of Lubuskie, the seat of the County Świebodzin and the municipality of Świebodzin, situated in the Łagówskie Lake District. Świebodzin is located within the historical limits of Lower Silesia. It is a former Slavic stronghold which obtained city rights in 1319. Today, this town is an important center on the route where national roads No. 3 and No.92 are crossing each other. 

In Świebodzin you’ll find the Statue of Christ the King, which until June 2011 was the highest statue of Christ in the world.

Places worth visiting:

  • urban-landscape complex; parish church dedicated to St. Archangel Michael, late Gothic from the 15th century, rebuilt in 1541, and in the 17th and 19 centuries;
  • stone tower, from the beginning of the 14th century, the town hall from the 16th century, rebuilt in the late 19th century;
  • parish school, ul. Szpitalna 1, dating from the 16th century, was rebuilt in the early 17th century, the 19th century;
  • Evangelical church, now a Roman Catholic parish church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Poland, neo-Gothic from 1898-1900, formerly Protestant. Erected in the years 1898-1900 as an Evangelical church on the site of two earlier churches from the 17th and 18th centuries; 
  • girls school, currently LO, from 1869;
  • court and prison, from 1879;
  • houses from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, until the 18th century most houses in the city were made of wood. The oldest preserved tenements come from the late 18th century - at ul. Wiejskiej and Kościelnej.

Zamek w Miedzyrzeczu 2Międzyrzecz (in Latin: Meserici, Mederecensis, in German: Meseritz) – Międzyrzecz is a city in the province of Lubuskie, in the County Międzyrzec and the seat of the municipality of Międzyrzec. Międzyrzecz is located in the Lubuskie Lake District, between the Obra and Paklina rivers.

Places worth visiting:

  • The Międzyrzecki Castle is one of the most interesting and valuable monuments in the city. The castle was built on the order of Casimir the Great in the 14th century.
  • The headquarters of the foremen of Międzyrzecz. Due to the destruction of the castle at the end of the 17th century, it was unfit for habitation. In the beginning of the 18th century, the foremen of Międzyrzecz erected a new headquarter near the castle hill. The buildings include a residence and an annex attached to it, also from the beginning of the 18th century. This is the seat of the Regional Museum.
  • The Town Hall in Międzyrzecz. It was built in 1581 based on the privilege of King Stefan Batory. After a fire in 1666, a new building was erected, the ground floor of which was made of brick, and the first floor was made in a skeleton construction.
  • Market. The central place of the square is the town hall. The whole is surrounded by a complex of tenement houses (north, west and south frontage).
  • Parish church. St. John the Baptist in Międzyrzecz. Built in 1474. Fara was rebuilt several times in the late fifteenth century (nave vault) and after the destruction of 1520.
  • Church of St. Wojciech in Międzyrzecz. Built in 1834. Until 1945, an Evangelical church, and from December 7, 1947 turned into a Roman Catholic parish church. It was built in the late-Classicist style.
  • The synagogue in Międzyrzec was established in the years 1825-1827. The current brick building stood in the place where the former wooden temple was burnt. The synagogue was built in the classical style. Inside, only the fragment of Aron ha-kodesh (the equivalent of a Catholic altar) has been preserved.

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